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Hot Summer Night Shorts - new indie short films screening event - Fri, June 27, 7 PM, Kensington, MD

Image from GDMF by James M. Johnston

Hot Summer Night Shorts USA 2008
Seven new short films by directors from various parts of the U.S. of A. Being shown on a large/10 foot long screen, away from the summer heat in one of the coolest bookstores in Maryland, with some of the filmmakers in attendance. Lemonade will be served. Event programmed & presented by filmmaker & blogger Sujewa Ekanayake. Interesting times will be had; come join us.

Films: GDMF, 1 on 1, Clean Freak, Magnus & The Air Quotes Woman, knock.knock, Plain Us, plus a short film by Dave Nuttycombe. Total running time of the program: 2 hours.

Friday, June 27, 2008
7 PM

Capital City Microcinema
Kensington Row Bookshop

3786 Howard Ave
Kensington, MD 20895
venue phone: 301-949-9416
Event contact: Sujewa Ekanayake,, 240-354-3394
About The Films:

by James M. Johnston
from Texas
30 minutes

GDFM is an improv based short narrative about an exotic dancer named Bridgette. An only child raised by a caring yet judgmental single mom, she has grown into an exquisitely disengaged woman seeking her own brand of independence.

One night, after performing at a party Bridgette's private and professional lives are catastrophically blurred by an unsettling personal discovery.

Featuring: Abbey Collins, Cory Criswell, Anika Kunik :: Camera: David Lowery & Clay Liford, Editing by David Lowery, Original Music by Top Secret...Shhh
1 on 1
by J. Kim
from Maryland
15 minutes

An uncomfortable situation arises during a 1 on 1 basketball game between two long time friends.

Filmmaker J. Kim will be at the screening to discuss the project/answer audience questions.

Clean Freak
By Chris Hansen
from Texas
27 minutes

Hansen is a filmmaker, but he's also a neurotic clean freak. Here, he turns the camera on himself, first to see how his family sees him, then to explore the roots of his issues, and finally to seek treatment. Clean Freak is a comedic documentary that straddles the line between fact and fiction.

Screenings & Awards: 2008 Lake County Film Festival, 2008 ReelHeART International Film Festival, 2008 Houston WorldFest-Gold Remi Award Winner, 2008 Rochester Int’l Film Festival (Cert. of Merit), 2008 Seattle True Independent Film Festival, 2008 Cape Fear Independent Film Festival
Magnus & The Air Quotes Woman by Sujewa Ekanayake, from Maryland, 5 minutes, 2007

A man threatens to break up with his girlfriend if she does not change an annoying habit.

Initially the opening scene of Story 4: Air Quotes Woman in the feature Date Number One (2006 version). Now a quick, funny short all on its own. Director Sujewa Ekanayake will be at the screening.

Featuring Rob Morris, Christine D. Lee. Sound recording by Fritz Flad.
by Amir Motlagh
from California
20 minutes

About events that happen in a day in the life of a comedian who is moving a little bit up in the world.

From review at DIY Filmmaker Sujewa blog: "The comedian (played by Chris Manz- MySpace), wakes up and goes to work, has a somewhat amusing encounter with an actress (Lene Penderson) and then has a more dramatic encounter with a former girlfriend (Keaton Shyler)." and "movie is also concerned with creative jealousy, career achievement competitiveness between romantic partners and selective memory."

Plain Us
(preview screening)
by Amir Motlagh
from California
24 minutes

Cy, a touring musician in an up and coming band drops into the town he grew up in.

From review at DIY Filmmaker Sujewa blog: "shot on 35 MM (w/ the first scene or two on digital video), slice of life drama depicting a touring musician's visit to his home town. The musician - an indie rocker of course :) - (played by Motlagh) has a young daughter. Motlagh's character is not on good terms with his daughter's mother. The short is well acted (always impressive whenever I see low-budget indie directors work well with child actors), and well shot & overall well made; well directed, acted, photographed, edited and scored. Plain Us is definitely not a plot-driven piece, more a low-key observation of a few special moments, & also some dramatic moments, in the lives of three people."

Features: Amir Motlagh, Kindy Barr, Nadia Anwar, Art Toussi, Tom O’Connell, Rami Dogg, Kristen Penza, Josh Virnick


A short film by Dave Nuttycomb


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phone: 240-354-3394


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